Soft Stretch Wigs

Available exclusively through The Wig Company, Soft Stretch™ wigs are designed using an advanced comfort technology, engineered with a unique cap base made with softer, cooler, and lighter materials used on the hairline, nape, ear tabs, and fiber wefts. The clever integration of new, softer and wider perimeter stretch bands and a new stitching technology are key components that make up the superior construction of the Soft Stretch wigs. Unlike a standard wig cap, every feature of the Soft Stretch wig cap is designed specifically for maximum comfort and all-day wear. 

  • The most important feature of the Soft Stretch wig is the Gentle Stretch Circumference Band that extends from behind both ears to the nape of the neck. This extra-wide band is designed with a wider, softer security band with moderate soft stretch that eases tension between the ears and nape of the neck.

  • Soft Stretch wigs are made with Lite Life™ fiber, a new Kanekalon synthetic hair process available only at The Wig Company, and are designed for an active lifestyle. This process combines a new, ultra-light denier fiber with traditional wig fibers, resulting in more coverage and added fiber, more overall volume which helps create the perfect silhouette, and less overall weight (it reduces the weight of the wig by 20 - 25%). The Lite Life synthetic hair fiber has more movement and styling control than traditional lighter weight wigs.

  • Soft Stretch Ear Tabs are designed with soft expandable fabric attached to the ear tabs, resulting in a contoured custom fit. Other ear tab designs do not have the same ability to aid in comfort or in fit.

  • Soft Stretch Nape is designed to gently and securely hug and conform to the neckline.

  • Soft Stretch Hairline is a soft lightweight fabric with subtle stretch ability located at the front underside of the wig cap. This treatment provides a lighter, cooler front hairline with moderate, soft stretch fabric.

  • Soft Flex Combs are three small, flexible, weightless combs sewn to the inside of the wig cap, one at the front and one at each side of the wig cap. These combs slide easily through your hair for added security.

  • Soft Weave Wefting design creates a cooler, lighter cap for added air flow to the scalp, as well as enhanced fiber movement for styling versatility. Generally, in most wig designs wefts are sewn in straight rows from left to right, this type of wefting limits the flow of the style ability of the fiber. Soft Stretch wefts are sewn in a wavy pattern.

With an advanced comfort technology and unique cap design made specifically for maximum comfort, Soft Stretch wigs are a perfect choice for an active lifestyle and all-day wear. View all Soft Stretch wigs.

(All features of the Soft Stretch wig are exclusive trademarks of The Wig Company).